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Linen threads


Linen thread are often called a shoemaker’s thread or packthread and are widely applied in various fields of life. They are used for packing, for ornamental purposes, i.e. needlework, laces, jewelry, household, office industry and clothing industry.


Linen thread are completely organic product and are produced from the stem of the flax plant. Flax is a plant grown for its fibre. It is cultivated for thousands of years. The fibre is still very much appreciated, despite of competition from plastics. Due to the presence of the fibres in the entire length, flax stalks are uprooted and are not cutted off at the time of harvest. This is a plant which all the parts are used in the industry, and the only waste is the production dust generated during its processing.


The advantages of using the linen threads:

• high friction and tensile strength

• antiallergicity

• high moisture absorption

• biodegradation

• environment protection


The high standards we have imposed on ourselves to buy high quality flax yarns put our company at the forefront of Polish producers of linen thread. We offer the threads produced from wet spun yarn or dry spun yarn or from both long and short fibre.


The following thicknesses are available in permanent sale:

• Tex 50×3
• Tex 50×6
• Tex from 150×2 up to 150×10


Available colors of the linen threads:

• raw and shiny linen threads

• raw and mat linen threads

• white and shiny linen threads

• white and mat linen threads

• colored linen threads – current coloring is available in our online shop”


Below you can find the standard beams and thread packagings:

• beam 30 m – single packaging 20 pcs

• beam 100 – single packaging 10 pcs /1 kg

– collective packaging 300 pcs /30 kg

• beam 250 – single packaging 8 pcs /2 kg

– collective packaging 120 pcs /30kg

• beam 500 – single packaging 8 pcs /4 kg

– collective packaging 64 pcs /32kg