Macrame cords - new products

19 august 2021r.

This season we are planning a real sensation!

When the leaves fall from the trees, the days become shorter and colder, it is already known that winter is approaching. This time of year is associated with Christmas. Throughout December, we count down the days in the Advent calendar, bake gingerbread and decorate our homes. The magical time of Christmas is associated with a family atmosphere, candlelight and Christmas tree lights, and this year also with our macrame strings, which have been enriched with a golden thread, which in our opinion perfectly reflects this mood.


Inspired by winter and its natural beauty, we have created a collection of strings with silver thread, which are associated with snow-capped crowns of trees, icicles hanging from branches, and white snow falling from the sky. The strings look phenomenal and perfectly reflect the winter, frosty climate. 

Remembering winter, you can not forget about the New Year's Eve night, during which we have fun until dawn saying goodbye to the old year. Inspired by champagne fun and carnival, we have prepared a collection of strings with a multi-colored thread that will wonderfully diversify any project.

The collection is limited and for permanent production we will introduce only those strings that you like the most. We look forward to your feedback on our Facebook.