Jute is the cheapest natural fibre. Currently, this natural fibre is becoming more and more popular, if only for the fact that this is an eco-friendly material. Jute is the name of plant fibres made of an Indian tree which Latin name is Corchorus, belonging to Tiliaceae family. Currently, this term is attributed to fibres of natural origin, made of various jute species (Corchorus, usually Corchorus capisaliris or Corchorus olitorius). Jute trees grow in moist, hot tropical climate, reaching as much as four metres of height. At first sight the tree looks like a giant cabbage. From its stalks jute fibres are produced. Till now approx. 80% of jute used globally is still cultivated in India.

Jute threads

Jute ropes have recently become very popular. Eco trend made jute the most popular raw material - it is excellent for packing or tying up plants. It is decorative, so we often use it to hang photo frames, make house decorations, for creative playing with children. It is a durable, wear-resistant and 100% biodegradable material.

- standard roll weights 30g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg

- production range from 1 mm to 6 mm


With our long-term experience in the textile industry and high standards of products sold, we have started cooperation with many factories that produce jute yarn, both in India and in Bangladesh.

Having good relationships with the factories and our own offices in these countries, we control the whole production process, durability and uniformity of the yarn. For the interest of our customers, we not only supervise a perfect quality of our yarns, but also take care of complete transport from the factory to the location indicated by an orderer. In Poland, we have our warehouses where we constantly maintain stock of the most popular yarns, and thus we can execute orders day to day.


Jute ropes represent a multi-purpose product. They are excellent as boating ropes, decorative ropes, transport and construction ropes. They are also often used for training.

Made of natural material - jute, twisted into a 3-core structure, they show excellent breaking resistance. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, since jute is a biodegradable material.

Our product offer includes also jute ropes of various thicknesses and roll lengths.

- production range from 3 mm to 30 mm

- roll lengths from 10 m to 1,000 m, in one piece, depending on the rope thickness


Jute fabric are natural, 100% biodegradable materials of plant origin. Jute fabric has widespread use, starting from raw material used for production of packages, i.e. bags, through decorative use, to gardening, horticulture, e.g. protection and transport of root balls.

Standard fabrics:

- width 160cm, length 100m, basis weight 320 g/m2

- width 210cm, length 50m, basis weight 245 g/m2

- width 100cm, length 100m, basis weight 245 g/m2

Jute bags

Bags are made of natural, biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly raw material. With environmental care in mind, our customers are increasingly interested in jute products. Jute bags are used among others for storage of cereals, grains and vegetables, e.g. potatoes. Apart from eco-friendly food storage, they have also large aesthetic values.

- dimensions 85 cm x 50 cm

- basis weight 200g

Jute ribbons

Jute ribbons are widely used in floristry, in flower compositions or bouquets. In gardening, they are used to tie up delicate plants. We manufacture ribbons made of 100% jute, which is an eco-friendly, biodegradable material. Our offer includes natural-coloured and white ribbons.

Standard pack sizes:

- width 7cm, length 5m, basis weight 225 g/m2

- width 10cm, length 5m, basis weight 280 g/m2

- width 20cm, length 5m, basis weight 180 g/m2

- width 25cm, length 5m, basis weight 180 g/m2

- width 30cm, length 5m, basis weight 180 g/m2

- width 5cm, length 10yd, basis weight 180 g/m2 - stiffened, natural-coloured and white