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Grzanpol is a company with a long tradition. Grzanpol operates in the textile sector for more than 40 years.


80th years of XX century

The history of the company Grzanpol begins in 1984 when the first small workshop was opened.
During the 80th years of XX century was a slow growth of the company. Its activity was focused to the production of ropes and cords. Membership in the cord cooperative in Krzywopłoty allowed to participate in numerous trade fairs in Poznań and a better understanding of the textile industry. In the late of 80’s it has been decided to further growth of the company.


90th years of XX century

At the beginning of the 90’s there was a very fast transformation of Poland’s economy. The creation of the free market provided an acceleration of the growth of the company and allowed to take the independent activities to strengthen its position in the industry. The company began selling not only ropes and cords, but also linen, polypropylene, polyester, jute and cotton threads. In a short time, the company has become one of the biggest manufacturer and wholesale of the rope making articles. At the end of the 90’s in the market remained only few companies in this industry. It was the result of high level of competitiveness, which took place in the early 90’s.


XXI century

In 2002 Grzanpol decided to buy a company in Nowa Sól, which was located in the old Odra plant site. Buying of this company strengthened the Grzanpol’s position as a manufacturer of linen threads and allowed to launch a new production line for the meat industry. 2002-2010 period was a growth focused to the production of the sausage threads. With the partial exchange of the old machines for the modern machines, the company has become a large manufacturer of the yarn for the sausage threads and linen yarns in Poland. In 2012, the company changed its headquarters and and moved the entire production to Bukowno in the Malopolska province. Nowadays the company has very modern machines, which allow to production of the yarn for the sausage threads and linen yarns with very high technical parameters. The company has also started to import of the high quality jute yarns from Bangladesh and India. The highest quality of this yearns can be guaranteed through the offices in these countries. With new projects the company is still developing and improving its production.


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